Travel Guide: If you are bored sitting at home during Corona, then you can visit these 5 places in October


If you want to go somewhere in October, then you can visit these 5 tourist destinations in India.

Due to the Coronavirus, we are all locked in our homes and many of us are making plans to travel back. Tourists are still banned in many places and there are many restrictions to visit in many places. But if you are bored sitting in your house and are thinking of travelling somewhere, then in October 2020 there are 5 places where you can travel. These five are the most talked about tourist destinations in India and you will love going here.

While Uttarakhand, Himachal and Goa had already opened their doors to tourists, now Kerala is also going to join this race. Know about it

1. Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand has announced a new incentive scheme to attract tourists. The name of this scheme is 'Tourist Incentive Coupons '. However, the scheme has not started yet, but it is expected that it will start in October. October is also a good time to visit Uttarakhand. But to go here you have to register. If you register on the official Uttarakhand Tourism website, then only you will be able to take advantage of the scheme and get a tourist permit.

2. Himachal Pradesh

Currently, moving to Himachal Pradesh is the easiest thing to do. In fact, after Unlock 4, Himachal Pradesh has removed all its travel restructures. Tourists will not need any travel pass or registration to go there now. According to the report of news agency PTI, this decision has been taken in the Himachal cabinet meeting. This will be the first time that one will not need to register to enter Himachal after complete lockdown. Before this, tourists had to bring a COVID-19 negative report with them. However, this report may be necessary for hotel booking etc. Also, this new rule will be applicable from October or it is not clear since September.

3. Goa

Same is the facility with Goa. After Unlock 4.0, Goa's Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has said that now tourists will not need a COVID Negative Report and they can come to Goa just like that. He also said that people will no longer need an e-pass for travel. Along with this, bars and restaurants etc. will also open in Goa. However, social distancing, wearing masks and temperature checks will be necessary everywhere.

But after knowing all this you can say that Goa Travel is becoming the perfect travel destination for you.

4. Agra

While other states are attracting tourists to their respective places, the Taj Mahal of Agra is also going to open for tourists from September 21. However, some rules have to be followed to visit the Taj Mahal. Thermal screening, face mask and face shield will be necessary to get inside it. With this, only 1 person will be able to go to the Taj Mahal's famous Diana Bench at one time. Keeping in mind about the social distancing; only 5000 tourists will be given entry. Pre-lunch 2500 and post-lunch 2500 and one person will be able to go inside for only 3 hours. Also, it will not be allowed to touch walls or railings etc. in the Taj Mahal.

If you want to see the beauty of Taj Mahal, then it can be convenient for you in October.

5. Kerala

Although entry is not being given to tourists in Kerala right now, it is expected that it will open soon. According to a report, Kerala will also be opened for tourists in early October. However, it has not been told yet when it will open. At present, safety protocols are being made where it will be decided how the tourists will be screened. But it is believed that Kerala will be open for tourists in October.

Although these tourist places are now welcoming the tourists, it is also important to keep in mind here that your care is in your hands. If you want protection, then you have to take care of your safety. Follow social distancing and wear masks etc. wherever you go. If you like this story, then share it. Stay connected with your life to read other similar stories.