Travel Guide: Do you know about Chandipur beach of Orissa, where the seashore disappears every day


Odisha has a beach called Chandipur which offers amazing views due to its bizarre mystery. Let's know about the interesting facts related to this ...

There are many such bizarre places in India, whose mystery is a little difficult to solve. One of such mysteries is Chandipur Beach in Odisha. In the state of Odisha, near the village of Balasore in the small town of Chandipur, Chandipur Beach is a secluded place steeped in mystery. It is unique because seawater periodically disappears from the front of the eye and then begins to appear after some time. Come, learn about some special things related to this mysterious beach.

Where is located

A secluded beach is located just a few kilometers from Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha, where the view is made. There is a beach in a secluded place where the sea disappears for a few hours and then returns. It cannot be called anything less than a mystery. The name of this beach is Chandipur. To reach this beach one has to get down at Baleshwar or Balasore station from where Chandipur is 30 km away. Balasore is a small quiet town in Odisha and Chandipur beach is located in this town.

Hide and seek

This disappearance and back-to-back trend of this beach are also called Luka Chhupi Beach or Hyde & Seek Beach, Chandipur Beach is a stretch of golden sand surrounded by casuarina trees, pristine waters, and lush coastal vegetation. But here every day a strange natural phenomenon occurs. Believe it or not, seawater leaves the shells behind only for 5 kilometers twice a day during low tide. Water returns during high tide. In this way, the sea appears to be playing hide and seek.

Amazing sunset and sunrise

This extreme natural phenomenon has indeed enriched the biodiversity of marine organisms in the region. When the seawater reappears, it brings with it crabs and red crabs, which otherwise remain further from the beach. This event is considered unique to this beach. There is no definite time that the tide retreats, as it depends on the moon cycle, but it happens every day. The locals are familiar with the times of the low and high tide. The sunrise and sunset on this beach seem particularly spectacular. Whether the seawater is visible or not, the beach looks beautiful.

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Image Credit: Wikipedia