Travel Guide: 5 most haunted railway stations in India


Let's know some interesting things related to these 5 mounted railway stations.

5 railway stations in India are considered Haunted. Let us know some interesting things related to these railway stations.

Ravindra Sarovar Metro Station

Location: Kolkata

There have been many suicide cases at this metro station famous by name. People often see creepy, obscure shapes here

Beguncodor Train Station

Location: West Bengal

Here a woman wearing a white sari is often seen walking on the railway track. Due to fear of ghosts, this railway station remained closed for 42 years and was opened for the public back in 2009 itself.

Dombivali Railway Station

Location: Mumbai

People claim that a woman is seen waiting for her train at night. Often this woman is found crying at this station.

Barog Station

Location: Shimla

British railway engineer Colonel Barog shot himself in a nearby tunnel due to depression. His body was buried in this place and since then this place has been haunted.

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station

Location: Delhi

It is said that at this station, the soul of an angry woman roams who runs behind cars at night and also knocks on the windows of many trains.

If you have not heard and seen only the Haunted Paces, then you must visit these 5 Haunted Railway Stations for a unique experience. Continue reading for more travel-related ideas. Newscrab