Travel Guide: 4 famous religious places of Bihar whose history is thousands of years old


Bihar is considered to be one of the oldest cities in the country. There are many ancient religious sites about which very few people know.

You should not be surprised to know that Bihar is a state with a lot of history attached to India. In ancient times, Bihar was known as Magadha. Magadha used to be the largest empire of the country in ancient times. Understand that the history of Bihar is as old as that of India. The Mauryan Empire, Guptas and Mughal rulers ruled here. Buddhism and Jainism originated at this house in Bihar. In ancient times, many such temples, gurudwaras and Jain temples were built in Bihar which still witnesses to history. If you go to Bihar for some work or go for a walk, then definitely take time to visit these 4 religious places once. Today I am going to tell you about these four religious places. So let's know.

1. Vishnupad Mandir

This temple is in Gaya district of Bihar. It is said that this temple is built on the footprints of Lord Vishnu. There is a large crowd of devotees in the temple courtyard at all times. It is believed about this temple that one can see Lord Vishnu's feet here. The height of this temple is about 100 feet. This temple is also mentioned in the religious text Purana. Apart from the devotees, this temple is also very popular among tourists. If you are going to Bihar, then definitely go for a visit here.

2. Takhat Sri Harimandir Ji

Patna city, situated on the banks of river Ganges, is known for many historical things. One of the holiest sites of Sikhs is Takht Shri Harimandir Ji Patna Sahib Gurdwara in this city. Pataliputra, now known as Patna, is considered one of the oldest cities in the world. Takht Sri Harimandir Ji Patna Sahib is a very special religious place for Sikh devotees, as it is the birthplace of the last Sikh Guru ie Guru Gobind Singh of Sikhs. Every year millions of Sikh devotees come to visit. It is just a short distance from Patna railway station.

3. Hanuman Temple

The temple in Patna, the capital city of Bihar, is considered one of the most famous temples in North India. In this temple, slogans of Jai Shri Ram keep echoing throughout the year. This temple was built around 1730 AD. One of the special features of this temple is that the stone of Ram Sethu was kept in a glass pot, which devotees come from far and wide to see. The largest number of devotees visits this temple on Tuesday and Saturday. This temple is right next to Patna railway station.

4. Mahabodhi Temple

If there is any religious place in Bihar's most famous and most visited, then it is the Mahabodhi Temple of Bodh Gaya. It was here that Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. Probably, that's why Bihar is also called Buddha city. Tourists like this place very much. Tourists from abroad also come here to visit and Buddhist philosophy. This temple was constructed during around 5th or 6th century BC.

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