Travel: Gadisar Lake of Jaisalmer is very beautiful! You must see it once


Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan holds its special importance in the field of tourism. There are many types of tourist places here. Among them, there is also Gadisar Lake. It is a very beautiful man-made lake situated in the middle of the desert.

According to historians, the then ruler Raja Rawal Jaisal built Gadisar Lake as a reservoir in about 12th-13th AD. A large number of tourists come to see this beautiful lake located very close to the Jaisalmer Fort. The beautiful view of the sky and Jaisalmer Fort at sunrise from Gadisar Lake attracts tourists.

Tourists can take a boat ride in this lake. Through which tourists are taken for a walk around the lake. Tourists can also enjoy Rajasthani cuisine here. If you are planning to visit somewhere with family, then Gadisar Lake can be a better option for you.