Travel diary: Some interesting facts related to Howrah Bridge that you may not have heard before


The first thing to remember is Kolkata's Howrah Bridge. Let's know about some interesting facts related to this beautiful bridge.

Have you ever been to Kolkata? If yes, what was the most beautiful thing in Kolkata? Whenever I mention Kolkata, I miss the same thing and that is Howrah Bridge of Kolkata. One of the most special places in Kolkata due to its amazing beauty, this bridge not only presents its beauty but is also a center of attraction among the people, which is visited by tourists from abroad.

After all, what is special about this Howrah Bridge and why its amazing beauty attracts itself. Let's know some interesting things related to Howrah Bridge that you may not have heard before.

Bridge without nut bolt

Howrah Bridge is a cantilever bridge that stretches over the Hooghly River in West Bengal. It is a cantilever bridge built using a cantilever, structures that project horizontally into space, supported at one end only. The structure of this bridge represents a mathematical structure when viewed from a distance. Normally any bridge rests on several pillars but it is a bridge that rests on only four pillars with two visible on this side of the river and two on that side of the river. The bridge does not have nuts and bolts and was built to rip off the entire structure.

When did the name Ravindra Setu

An Act was passed by the then Government of Bengal for the construction of this bridge, which is known as the Howrah Bridge Act 1926. Very few people know that during World War II, the Japanese tried to destroy this bridge, although they did not succeed. On 14 June 1965, the bridge was renamed Rabindra Setu after the great national poet Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. However, it is still more popular than Howrah Bridge.

Millions of passengers walk on the bridge

About 100000 vehicles and about 150,000 pedestrians cross the Hooghly River daily, which connects two major cities of West Bengal, Kolkata, and Howrah. The first vehicle to use the bridge was the first tram. At the time of its construction, it was the third-longest cantilever bridge. Now, it is the eighth longest bridge of its type in the world.

Center of attraction among Bollywood films

This bridge is the center of attraction among many Bollywood films and filmmakers. Its beauty is made at night only. Many films have been shot on this bridge. Not only Bollywood but also Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil films have also been shot many times in this bridge.

This beautiful bridge of West Bengal is the center of attraction not only among the local people but also among the tourists from abroad. It is famous all over the world for its special design. If you are planning a trip to Kolkata, then definitely go to see the beauty of this bridge.

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Image Credit: Unsplash