Travel Destination: Ramtek temple is built on a small hill, Lord Ram stayed here during exile


India is an ancient culturally cultivated country. There are many temples here, which are hundreds of years old, one of them is this temple of Lord Rama.


Ramtek Temple, located about 40 km from Nagpur in Maharashtra, is a wonderful temple of Lord Ram. There is a story about this temple that Lord Rama spent four months at this place with Mata Sita and Lord Lakshmana during his exile. Apart from this, Mata Sita had also made the first kitchen here, after cooking she had made food for the local sages. This thing is also mentioned in the Padma Purana.

A fair is organized around this temple on the special occasion of Rama Navami, in which people from far and wide come to attend. Talking about its features, this temple is made of only stones, which are placed on top of each other. This temple, which is hundreds of years old, remains as it is, the locals tell the grace of Lord Rama behind it. Let's know some special things related to this temple.

The temple is a low fort Ramtek

The Ramtek temple built on a small hill is also known as the Garh Temple. Apart from this, it is also called Sindoor Giri. Because of this, the temple seems less fortified, especially that Suranadi flows towards its east. Ramtek Temple was built by King Raghu Khonle as a fort. There is also a pond in the premises of the temple, from which it is believed that there will never be more or less water in this pond. People are quite surprised due to always having normal water levels. Not only this, whenever lightning flashes, a light is illuminated on the top of the temple, in which the image of Lord Rama is visible.

Sage Agatsya met Lord Rama

Ramtek is the place where Lord Rama and Rishi Agastya met. Sage Agastya not only gave knowledge of weapons to Lord Rama but also gave him Brahmastra. When Shri Ram saw a pile of bones everywhere at this place, he questioned this about Agastya. Then he told that these are the bones of the sages who worshiped here. While performing the yajna and puja, the demons were disturbed, after knowing that Shriram took a vow that he would destroy them. Not only this, but the sage Agastya also told Lord Rama about the atrocities of Ravana here. Lord Rama was able to kill Ravana only through his given Brahmastra.

Kalidasa wrote Meghdoot at this place

Ramtek is the place where Mahakavi Kalidas wrote the epic Meghdoot. Hence, this place is also called Ramgiri, although it was later named Ramtek. At the same time, there used to be only one mountain in Ramtek in Treta Yuga. Today, this temple is one of the famous temples of Lord Rama. This beautiful place provides relief to the devotees apart from the noise of the city.

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