Travel Destination: Do you know these interesting facts related to the Karni Mata temple of Rajasthan


A little temple of Karni Mata is located at a distance from Bikaner in Rajasthan where mice are abundant. learn some interesting things related to this.

People usually go far to visit temples. There are certain beliefs and rituals associated with each temple, which the devotees follow well and worship God. But if you are told that there is also a temple where 20,000 rats are present in the temple then it would be a bit strange to hear this.

Yes, we are talking about the Karni Mata Temple, located a few kilometers from Bikaner in Rajasthan where thousands of rats are present along with the idol of Karni Mata and devotees also worship them. Let's know about some interesting things related to this temple.

What is the history of the temple?

Karni Mata Temple is a famous Hindu temple located in the Bikaner district of Rajasthan. The idol of Goddess Karni Mata is installed in it. It is located at Deshnok, 30 kilometers south of Bikaner. The temple of Karni Mata was born in the Charan clan, it is also called the temple of rats. The temple is mainly famous for white rats. There are about 20,000 white rats in this holy temple. This temple was built by Ganga Singh of Bikaner in the 20th century. This temple is quite big and beautiful. In addition to the mice, large carvings of silver, golden chhatras of the mother, and beautiful carvings on marble are depicted. There are such a plethora of rats in this temple that people have to reach the idol of Karni Mata by rubbing their feet instead of lifting their feet on the ground.

Mice are children of Karni Mata

It is believed that these mice are the offspring of Karni Mata. According to its legend, once the step-son of Karani Mata, whose name was Lakshman, was drinking water in the lake, then he died drowning. When Karni Mata came to know of this, he prayed to Yamaraja to revive him. Constrained by his prayer, Yamaraja revived him like a mouse. Since then mice are worshiped in this temple and are considered to be the children of Karni Mata. There are also some white rats among the 20,000 black rats in the temple. It is believed that one sees the white rat, all his wishes are fulfilled.

Sin happens when rats die

According to the rule of the temple, if a devotee's footfalls over any rat and dies, it is considered a gross sin. Devotees coming to the temple have to walk dragging then devotees reach the idol of Karani Mata. As a payment of sin on the death of mice, the offender has to buy a gold or silver rat statue and keep it in the temple, then it is considered free from sin.


This temple believes that whatever is distributed as prasad here is a pair of mice. The same prasad is considered sacred by the mice who had taken it earlier.

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