Trans fat is becoming a health hazard with Corona, Center will run an awareness campaign with the help of Bollywood


The government is taking help from Bollywood stars to cricket stars to tell people about the ill effects of transfats. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India 'FSSAI' is also alerting people under the 'Eat Right' campaign. People are being made aware to maintain a variety of food, balanced diet, eliminate short and timely meals and trans fats, use less salt-sugar, and reduce saturated fat.

Cricket star Virat Kohli and cine star Rajkumar Rao are making people aware of behavioral change towards food choices through various campaigns. This disease is a result of the side effects of trans fats. In this, many diseases related to the heart mainly engulf the person.

Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Ashwini Kumar Choubey, while replying to a question asked in the Lok Sabha during the Parliament session, said that FSSAI has launched a 'Heart Attack Rewind' mass media campaign to educate consumers on the ill effects of trans fat. . The Hurt Attack Rewind is a 30-second public service announcement. It has been broadcast in 17 languages ​​on the social media platform. Its purpose is to warn citizens about the health hazards of consumption of trans fat through healthy choices and provide strategies to avoid them.

FSSAI has also launched the Trans Fat-Free logo. Food establishments that use trans-fat-free goods may use the Trans Fat-Free logo on outlets and their products in accordance with the Food Safety and Standards 'Advertising and Claims' Regulations 2018. FSSAI regulates the reduction of trans fat content in edible oils and fats such as vegetable, bakery, industrial margarine, table margarine, mixed fat and vegetable fat spread, etc. to reduce trans fat by two percent in a phased manner by the year 2022. Is working