To stay healthy and lose weight, use expensive soups, pulses instead of juice, which is very effective.


Pulses are a treasure of many vitamins, minerals, and fiber. In Indian catering, pulses from lunch to dinner are specially included. From arhar to moong, gram, masoor dal differ not only in taste but also in benefits. But today we will learn about how healthy its water is, not pulses. Lentil water is considered a digestible food, so the catering of young children is started with lentil water only.

The digestive system remains fine

Being rich in fiber, pulse water keeps away many problems like constipation, gas, acidity. Dedication is bad, vomiting occurs only after eating something, so drinking only lentil water will be beneficial.

Helpful in reducing weight

The quantity of calories in pulse water is negligible, as well as protein in it is also very high. So drinking two to three bowls of lentils makes the stomach full, does not cause hunger, which can be avoided by eating and overeating again and again.

Blood sugar controls

In diabetes, the level of glucose in the blood is higher than normal. And as fiber is found in lentil water, it helps control blood sugar levels.

Maintains cholesterol also

Bad lentils do not accumulate due to the water-soluble fiber in the lentils. Due to which the risk of stroke along with heart disease is also reduced.

Maintains energy

If energy is feeling low, instead of drinking glucose and electrode, you can also drink lentil water. Due to fiber and carbohydrates, the body gets instant energy by drinking them. Moreover, iron is also present in it.

How to make lentil water


Arhar dal - 2-3 tablespoons

Turmeric - 1 pinch

Water - 2-3 cups

Salt - as per taste


- Wash the lentils thoroughly.

- In the cooker, add turmeric, salt, and water along with lentils.

- Cook until three to four cities arrive.

- After cooking well, open the cooker and drain the water without mixing the lentils.

You can use the remaining lentils with bread or rice.

- Drink mixed with ghee and lemon juice in lentil water.

If you want to lose weight soon, then start drinking only pulse water for a few days at dinner, the effect will be seen in a few days. Apart from this, if you are ill, drinking it in the form of soup will also be beneficial.