To protect the skin from Sun burn, try this home remedy of Raveena Tandon,


Does your skin get sunburned?

If yes, prepare yourself to fight it now.

Yes, although winter has started, this season too, there is an adverse effect of UV rays (ultraviolet) on the skin, which causes most women to have sunburn. But do you rely more on beauty creams to cure glowing skin? So stop doing it now, because Evergreen Beauty Raveena Tandon shares natural tips on avoiding harmful sunburns that can prove to be very beneficial for you.

Home remedies are usually the most reliable for women because one of these natural things has no side effects, and the other is easily found in the home. 45-year-old actress Raveena Tandon has shared a few similar tips for sunburn via her Instagram and captioned: "Easy tips, easy solutions for sunburn." Despite her growing age, Raveena looks gorgeous. It seems that the secret of their glowing skin is natural home remedies.

Raveena Tandon Tips for Sunburn

Planning a holiday this summer? So you need to pay attention to. In this video, Raveena explains that " Baking soda is a part of every home kitchen that is often used in cooking. This thing present at home is very beneficial in removing sunburn in summer. "How it should be used. Speaking about this, Raveena says that takes 2 tablespoons of baking soda and makes a paste by adding water. Then apply it on the affected area. It helps in quick recovery of sunburn due to cold. In short, baking soda is the easiest and effective remedy for sunburn.

Through her Instagram, she is often seen sharing useful beauty tips for all women. Apart from baking soda, there are many other home remedies to cure sunburn, let us know.

Aloe vera

Are you also dependent on aloe vera to overcome skin problems? So you have found another reason to add aloe vera to the beauty routine. Aloe vera's sleeping effect is effective in removing sunburn. You can remove gels from aloe vera and apply it on your skin.

Essential oil

There are lots of options in essential oils. You can rely on these natural wonders to get rid of glowing skin or sunburn. These oils are antifungals, reduce inflammation and remove bacteria naturally. Lavender, sandalwood and eucalyptus help remove sunburn.


Oatmeal is useful in relieving sunburn. Did you know this? Grind a cup of oatmeal in a grinder and mix it in the bathwater. You will be relieved. Make sure you do not rub on the skin.


Take yoghurt and apply it on the affected area. The cooling effect of curd will soothe irritation and give glowing skin. Dahi dead skin cleanses and improves the complexion of the face. Besides, yogurt is a good source of vitamin C, zinc and calcium.