To boost immunity naturally, mix these two things with basil and eat it!


Corona havoc has once again seen the rapid rise of the Corona figure in the country. The second wave of COVID is much more dangerous than the first. In such a situation, it is necessary to take more care of ourselves. For this, take full care of your immunity.

Your food is the most important thing to strengthen immunity. If you are adding green vegetables, fruits, sprouted grains in your diet, as well as such things, which are rich in vitamins and minerals, then your immunity will always be strong.

But apart from this, you can boost your immunity with some other natural methods. So let's know what is the natural way,

In today's time, most people consume Tulsi, Giloy, Turmeric, honey, etc. by making the decoction. But if you want, you can use only basil, honey and curry leave to boost immunity. Not only this, by taking this paste, you can also get rid of problems like cold, cold, fever.


10-15 curry leaves

1 teaspoon honey

20-25 basil leaves