Thyroid Disease: Know thyroid symptoms, treatment and causes


The problem of the thyroid is becoming very common today. Due to the changing lifestyle and wrong eating habits, thyroid problems have started increasing. Let me tell you that the thyroid problem is more in women than men. Today, through this article, we will give you all the information related to thyroid.

Symptoms of thyroid ...

Having constipation problem.

Incidence or increase in body weight.

Skin drying



Colds and colds do not heal.

Hair fall

Insomnia problem

Types of thyroid

There are two types of thyroid-

T3 hyperthyroidism

T4 hypothyroidism

Treatment of thyroid

Intake of antibiotics

Antibiotics can be consumed in thyroid problems. Thyroid patients should not take antibiotics without a doctor's advice.

Home remedies to overcome thyroid problem

Add basil leaves to gourd juice and consume this mixture.

Consuming apple vinegar is beneficial for thyroid patients.

Doing yoga daily can get rid of thyroid problems.

Thyroid patients include these things in the diet

Take things containing iron.

Take things containing copper.

Take vitamin-rich things.

Include green vegetables in the diet.

Thyroid patients should avoid these things

Do not smoke

Avoid the consumption of fine flour.

Drink limited amounts of tea and coffee.

More chili - Avoid spicy things.

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