This yogasana gives relief from the problem of falling hair, know how to do it


These days the problem of hair loss has become quite common for women. It is often seen that women are very troubled by the problem of their hair breakage. Due to many times working at home and office, they are not able to get rid of this problem. Due to this, there is an increase in the amount of breakage of their hair. Women adopt many measures to get rid of this problem. They often use different types of remedies. Even after that, the situation remains as it is. In this episode, today we are going to tell you about such a Yogasana, by doing which the problem of hair fall ends. Today we will tell you about Balayam Yoga. If this yoga is done regularly, then the problem of hair breakage gets rid of. There are many benefits of this yoga asana, let's know -

Balayam Yoga

This yoga is called a nail rehab exercise in English. By doing Balayam regularly, one gets rid of the problem of hair fall. By doing this yoga, the brain gets nourishment. Because of this, hair breakage is greatly reduced. They become very strong. It also gets rid of the problem of white hair and baldness.

This is how Balayama yoga is done

To do this yoga, bring both hands to close. After this rub the nails of both hands together. Keep rubbing the nails of both hands together for about 5 to 10 minutes. Do Balayama yoga twice a day. It should be done empty stomach in the morning.

Benefits of Balayam Yoga

By doing Balayam yoga, the problem of hair fall is removed and it increases blood circulation. This gives nourishment to the hair. By doing this, many problems of the heart and lungs are removed. Apart from this, the problem of white hair also gets rid of.

If you are doing Balayama yoga daily, then in a few days your hair will become thick, black, and strong. By doing this, shine and shine are also seen in the hair. This yoga is very beneficial for hair.