This woman has claimed a love affair with a ghost, now wants a breakup after being cheated


There has always been a dispute about whether there are ghosts or not. Science says that there is no such thing as ghost and spirit; it is all illusion of mind whereas there are many people all over the world who believe in these things. But have you heard of someone in love with a ghost? You must be feeling a little strange to hear this, but a similar one has come to light in England.

A woman from England not only started a relationship with the ghost but also went on holiday with him abroad. But this woman now wants to break this long-standing relationship. The woman named Amethyst Realm claimed that she was in a serious relationship with a ghost. Some time ago she also said that she wants to be the mother of a ghost child. But now Amethyst wants to end their relationship.

In the year 2018, Amethyst Realm claimed in an interview to a TV channel that she had been in contact with a ghost for the past several years. He has also formed a romantic relationship with the ghost. But now Reelam has revealed that she and ghost will not get married because now the relationship between these two is over. Realm said that we both went to Thailand on vacation. But when he came back after a holiday, the ghost's behavior completely changed. Realm said that I think he fell in love with someone else.

The Amethyst Realm, claiming love with the ghost, told that the ghost he loved brought many more souls to her house, which stayed here for several days. Realm says that they were all taking drugs and partying.

Realm says that the souls he had brought home were making strange noises. In such a situation, I decided to stay alone and our relationship ended.