This woman has been alive for 33 years only with the help of tea!


You will also be surprised to hear the story of a woman living in the Chori district's Koriya district, who has been alive for the last 33 years just by drinking tea. She is not only alive but also completely healthy, Ratiram, the father of 44-year-old woman Palli Devi, says that Palli gave up food since she was in the sixth grade, the father says that she suddenly stopped eating. Gave up drinking. At first, she took biscuits, tea, and bread for a month or two, but after that, she gradually stopped eating biscuits and bread.

Bhai Bihari Lal Rajwade told that since we have sensed, we have been seeing my sister in the same way, she drinks tea after the end of the day, our sister got married in Tarawa village of Korea district in 1985 to Ram Ratan Thi, Dobra did not go back after first coming back. Palli Devi told me that there is no appetite but after the end of the day I drink red tea.

His brother Bihari Lal Rajwade told that there was a slight delay in giving money to the place where the milk used to come from the family, the milkman had heard the family for it, and Palli Devi started drinking red tea. He also showed Palli Devi to the doctors to find out if they had any disease, then they could not find any disease in the doctors' examination.