This woman did not give up even after facing domestic violence, became a fitness coach on the strength of hard work


There are many such inspiring stories around us, from which we get to learn a lot. There will be many such people in our neighborhood who do not give up even after facing difficult situations. They bravely face these difficult situations. In the future, these same people later become real-life heroes. In this episode today we are going to talk about Sudipta Mondal. He is a well-known fitness and life coach. She loves an eco-friendly lifestyle and follows the same.

Three or four years ago she was one of the top dancers of the Shiamak Davar dance group. Sudipta tells that she left her hometown when she was 16 years old. She had brought many big dreams from Jharkhand to Delhi. She says - "After leaving my home town, I have never been financially dependent on anyone."

She further says - "I never asked my parents for pocket money. After coming to Delhi, I used to live in a rented flat. After that, I started working in a newspaper. After working in the newspaper, I joined the theatre. Worked. After that, I got married and moved to Mumbai."

After marriage, many difficulties started coming into Sudipta's life. Sudipta's husband had imposed many restrictions in her life. They called off Sudipta's training class. Tired of all this, Sudipta decided to divorce her husband. The husband and his family were against this divorce. After about two years, Sudipta got divorced from her husband.

After this, his life in Mumbai became very difficult. He spent all his money on learning Zumba, Pilates, and functional training. During this, Sudipta's parents also helped her. However, Sudipta wanted to live without anyone's help.

In the last three years, Sudipta has achieved a lot in the field of fitness. She runs many online classes regarding fitness. Apart from this, they also take training sessions of people separately. Sudipta teaches Zumba, Parker, and Function Fitness to many people. They believe that there is a lot of power in women. The need is just that how does she move forward with this power?