This unique burger made of gold, will have to pay so many thousand rupees to eat


A burger is fast food that most people like to eat. Not only abroad, but people in India are also crazy about burgers. You will find burgers ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 500 in the markets here, but have you ever eaten a burger worth Rs 4,330. Most people will not answer. Many people may be wondering where to find a burger of four and a half thousand rupees. Today we will tell you about the specialty associated with this burger.

Actually, this burger is found in a restaurant in the US, which costs US $ 59 i.e. 4330 rupees. The specialty of this expensive burger is that goldwork has been put on it. To attract customers, this burger is named 24-carat burger. Let me tell you that carat is a measure of the purity of gold.

A restaurant in Bogotá, Colombia has transformed the world's favorite foods into scrumptious dishes, according to the South China Morning Post report. This restaurant is also making special dishes like 24-carat burgers to entice customers.

According to South China Morning, the restaurant's chef Maria Paula stated that the hamburger in the restaurant is first packed with plastic and then coated with a layer of gold. Paula also described the meticulous process involved in making this burger. He said, "It can be damaged." If it sticks to your finger it can cause harm. "

The restaurant industry has suffered a major setback worldwide due to the coronavirus epidemic. There is also a retrenchment of employees from the restaurant, so many restaurants are on the verge of closure. Banning public ceremonies to prevent corona has transformed dine-in restaurants into delivery outlets only.