This unique astronomical phenomenon will be seen in the sky tomorrow, the moon will be visible in this color


Tomorrow is the first full moon after this year's summer solstice. A unique celestial event will be seen in the sky on Thursday. Which will surprise you too. Tomorrow the moon will be seen in the color of strawberry in the sky.

According to experts, on Thursday, the moon will appear bigger in size and pinkish like a strawberry. The moon rising on the full moon day of June is also called Strawberry Moon.

On Thursday, the moon will appear much larger than its normal size due to its proximity to Earth in its orbit. The special thing is that this moon is visible for more than one night.

Strawberry Moon is called by many names. These names include Hatching Moon, Blooming Moon, Birth Moon, Egg Laying Moon, Green Corn Moon, Hor Moon, Honey Moon, and Mead Moon, etc.