This planet is called the 'vacuum cleaner' of the solar system, will surprise you


The world of planets in the solar system is also strange. The more you try to understand it, the more you get entangled in it. Although every planet is unique in itself, the planet Jupiter is a bit different because a whole planet is a group of gases and in India, it is known as 'Guru'. People have known about this planet since ancient times. In English, it is known as 'Jupiter'. Actually, a mythological deity of Roman civilization is named 'Jupiter'. There are many interesting things about this planet, about which very few people know. Let's know about them ...

A day on the planet Jupiter is only nine hours and 55 minutes, while a day on Earth is 24 hours. Perhaps you do not know that Jupiter is only one year of the planet in 11.9 years of Earth. This is very surprising.

There is no surface on the planet Jupiter. It is mainly composed of hydrogen and is always covered with clouds of ammonia crystals and possibly ammonium hydrosulfide. It is impossible for humans to live on this planet.

The most interesting and mysterious thing on this planet is 'The Great Red Spot'. Actually, it is a storm, which looks like red spots. Scientists believe that a storm has been continuously on this planet for hundreds of years and that it is so large that three planets like Earth can be contained in it comfortably. At the moment, scientists do not even have an answer as to how and why this storm is going on.

Jupiter is also called the 'vacuum cleaner' of the solar system. In fact, it has a powerful gravitational force of its own, with the help of which it attracts the outer meteorites in the solar system. If it had not, then the meteorites might have collided with the Earth or other planets, causing massive destruction.