This person from Darbhanga got one acre of land on the moon, American company gave a gift


These days strange news is making a lot of headlines. This news is from Iftekhar Rahmani. They hail from the Darbhanga district in Bihar. They are being discussed all around these days. Iftekhar Rahmani has been gifted one acre of land on the moon by an American company. He gave information about this to himself through a video.

Iftekhar Rahmani is a software engineer. They are originally from the Darbhanga district. He has a software manufacturing company called AR Studios in Noida. Iftekhar is quite a skilled human being. He also works for Luna Society International. Luna International works for the purchase and sale of land on the moon.

Let me tell you that Iftekhar made some improvement in the technical capability of the software of Lunar Company. For this reason, the company benefited a lot from it. Pleased with Iftekhar's work, the company gifted him an acre of land on the moon.

Iftekhar himself gave this information through a video. They are currently in Noida. When this news was heard by the people of his village, a wave of happiness ran between them. All the villagers are happy with Iftekhar getting land on the moon. On this occasion, they are sweetening each other with sweets. Family members are proud of Iftekhar Rahmani's success.

Hearing this news, Iftekhar's mother Nasra Begum said that she had a lot of concern for her son. That country is earning quite a name abroad. May the above bless my son from all sides. Let me tell you that Iftekhar himself gave information about getting land on the moon by calling his mother.