This person bought a house of seven lakhs, got a treasure of two crores from inside


The owner of an antique shop in Canada bought a house worth about seven lakhs. He would never have even dreamed that a treasure of 2 crores would be found in a house of seven lakhs. They found designer clothes, rare coins, bags with gold and diamond rings, cash and silver dollar purses filled with many other items in this house which cost around two crores.

Mr. Archbold, the owner of the antique shop, bought the property of the late music teacher, Bette-Joan RAC, for about $ 10,000. Archbold regularly purchases old house materials for his store and shares his discoveries on social media. Archbold had bought the house for 10 thousand dollars, seeing 'piens and other things.

When Archbold arrived inside the house, he was surprised to see such a valuable item. He says he never expected such a valuable item. Archbold had known the music teacher for many years, but never went inside his house.

Archbold states that 'a lot of stuff was stored in the house. He said that I did not know that the teacher I met was a Millionaire. Archbold found many things in the house.

Archbold got these things ...

A strip of silver

A rack full of fur coats

Silver dollar

1920s Money