This magnificent hotel is shaped like a potato! Click here to know more


Everyone wants their house to be very luxurious and luxurious. Whenever we go out for a walk, we still want a luxurious hotel. But today we are going to tell you about a hotel whose pictures are becoming quite viral on social media.

A large potato is placed in the middle of a field of about 400 acres from a place called South Boise Idaho, but it is not a potato but a hotel. The name of this hotel is the Idaho Potato Hotel. You will feel that there will be no facilities in this hotel, but for the information, let us tell you that everything from the bed to the toilet is present in it.

The American state of Idaho is known throughout the United States for potato production. Potato is the highest here. For this reason Airbnb chose a hotel with a potato shape.

If you want to stay here, you will have to pay $ 200 a night.