This journalist is the biggest enemy of PM Modi, openly gives ,,,,,


Today we are going to tell you a truth in which a journalist strongly hates the PM of his own country. Yes, you have guessed right that PM is nobody else but our PM Modi. Let us now know about the journalist who carries poison in his tongue and heart for PM Sahab.

Ravish Kumar, a senior NDTV journalist, is known in the country as an impeccable journalist. He has always been seen doing anti-incumbency journalism. The name of Ravish Kumar is also included in the select few journalists who criticized the government.

When Modi devotees surround Ravish. When he could not get any mud, he accused his brother of rape. However, not a single charge sheet has been filed in this case till date. If the allegations against Ravish's brother were true, today the BJP government would have sent him to jail. Ravish did not give up his fearless journalism even in such difficult times.