This is what the color of your clothes say about your personality! Read to know your personality type


1.) Black: Black is a common colour in many wardrobes because as they say black can never go wrong! Whenever you feel confused what to wear, black comes to rescue! It’s safe and you can never go wrong with it. It’s often linked to strength, power and mystery. Did you know that people who wear black during job interviews have a higher chance of being hired than people who wear other colours?

2.) Green: Green colour is often linked to positivity, harmony and innovation. Besides that, the colour is a cool colour and easy on the eyes and enhances calmness when one wears it.

3.) Orange: This is an energising and positive color and one that shows a deep desire to socialise and also a need to be interactive should wear orange. People who wear orange are usually liked and find it very easy to start new conversations and make new friends.

4.) Blue: Blue is a soothing and cooling colour. When you wear blue, you're reflecting creativity, positivity, peace, loyalty, and you're saying that you've decided to live by your own rules, and by your own truth. Because blue wearers think for themselves, they're smart, have a quick wit, and are independent.

5.) Brown: Brown is the color associated with authenticity, reliability and trust and a need for the simple things in life. It can show a genuine nature and a person who is well balanced, emotionally stable, and intelligent and sound of mind.

6.) Red: Red is a colour of passion, strength and aggression. The people who wear red are confident and strong.