This is the world's most expensive pigeon, sold for 14 crores in the auction


You must have seen many pigeons near you. There was a time when pigeons used to work as postmen and Raja-Maharaja used to send letters from pigeons to his own. Recently a pigeon was sold for 14 crores rupees. The two-year-old Belgian female pigeon named New Kim has been sold for a record $ 1.9 million.

This pigeon was previously put up for auction at $ 237. A Chinese person bought it for more than 19 million dollars or 14 million 15 lakh rupees.

This female pigeon New Kim won many competitions in the year 2018, including the 'National Middle Distance Race'. She retired after that. Let us know that racing pigeons can produce children till the age of 10 years.

It is believed that New Kim will be used by her new owners for breeding. In the past few years, the pigeon race in China is quite popular. Nikolaas, CEO of Pigeon auctioning agency, said, "This record price is unbelievable because it is a female pigeon." Often male pigeons cost more because they can produce more children. '

Racing pigeons like New Kim can live for 15 years. Well, whatever the case, pigeons are really big and cool birds that often make their nests under an old building, well, or house balcony.