This is the world's most dangerous forest, no one comes back after going inside


There are many types of places around us. It is quite reassuring to go to some places, then there are so many places also mysterious and scary, where people shirk from going. The province of Transalvia of Romania is also similar to Daravana. Many strange incidents have occurred in Transylvania that now people are afraid to visit this place. Today we will tell you about a scary forest in the province of Transylvania.

‘Hoya Basyu’ is considered one of the most feared forests in the world, located in Cluj County in the province of Transylvania. It is called the 'Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania' after witnessing mysterious events happening in the forest. This forest is spread over 700 acres. It is believed that people mysteriously disappear after entering this forest. Let me tell you that hundreds of people have gone missing in this forest, so far no clue has been found.

Trees are twisted and crooked in the Hoya Basyu forest, which looks extremely scary even in daylight. People also see this place by connecting them with UFOs (Udaanastastri) and ghosts. Apart from this, many people are said to have mysteriously disappeared here. People's interest in this forest increased when a foursome went missing in the area. According to centuries-old legend, the man disappeared as soon as he went into the forest. Surprisingly, he had 200 sheep with him at that time.

A few years ago a military technician claimed to have seen a flying rock in this forest. Also in the year 1968, a person named Emil Baraniya claimed to have seen a supernatural body in the sky here. Some tourists visiting here have also mentioned some similar incidents.

Even in the year 1870, a girl accidentally entered this forest and after that, she disappeared. According to Kivandati, people were shocked when the girl returned from the forest exactly five years later. But she had lost her memory completely. However, he also died after some time. Many such incidents make this forest scary.