This is the secret of Shriya Saran's beauty, cleansing of the face in this desi way


Actress Shriya Saran is as beautiful as she is talented. September 11 is his birthday, in such a way, we tell you some of his beauty secrets…

Where it comes to the actresses of South India, Shriya Saran's name is also taken. Shriya has several Bollywood and South Indian films. Shriya's role in the film 'Drisham' with Ajay Devgan was also appreciated. Shriya Saran is one of those beautiful actresses whose beauty is truly worthy of praise. Shriya Saran's beauty is quite radiant and her simplicity is also seen on camera. September 11 is the birthday of Shriya Saran and on this occasion, we are going to tell you some of her beauty secrets.

Shriya is among those who like natural things more and she takes great care of her diet. Shriya is also a trained Kathak dancer and has done many shows. She is also the brand ambassador of many beauty and jewellery brands. Shriya attributes her beauty to her mother. In an interview, he said that the reason for his good physicality is his mother. At the same time, she also follows some tips that are part of her skincare routine.

Toner and moisturizer made with rose water

In an interview, Shriya talked about her beauty secrets and in that she told that she mixes glycerin in rose water and applies it as both a toner and a moisturizer. Shriya is often sprayed on the face after filling it in a spray bottle. Not only this, but she also sprinkles it even after makeup because it gives a very beautiful glow in the face.

Shriya does facial cleansing in this desi way

Shriya Saran uses turmeric and curd mixed with gram flour for cleansing her face. Of course, this homemade recipe of gram flour and curd can prove to be very good for facial cleansing.

Sleep is very important

According to Shriya, sleep is very important to look beautiful inside. She gets plenty of sleep and concentrates on taking a balanced diet as well as exercising. Instead of using any high-end beauty products, she uses a minimum of chemicals to make the skin glowing.

Shriya Saran loves using rose water very much and for freshness, she walks with rose water in a spray bottle. She always applies eyeliner and mascara to her eyes. Mascara is also one of her favourite beauty products.

In an interview, Shriya had said that she is very fond of dancing and this is also a secret of her fitness. Apart from this, she is also fond of swimming and you will find many such pictures on her Instagram account. She also believes strongly in yoga and supports power yoga.

Surely Shriya believes in simple lifestyle and she is very grateful too. Happy birthday to Shriya from our side.