This is the most ruthless president, who used to do this work with women!


Turning the pages of history, many great and powerful men are mentioned in this world. Where good people are mentioned, some bad people are also seen. But today we refer you to such a cruel president of history who has crossed all limits of humanity.

Today we are going to tell you about one such cruel and dictator of history, who is known for his cruelty. That cruel man was the President of Uganda. Idi Amin ruled for almost 8 years as President and during this tenure, he inculcated atrocities on the people.

His cruelty was not only that, he even ate human flesh. Apart from this, he used to make beautiful women and girls living in his empire a victim of his lust. The severed heads of people were also found in his fridge. That is why this cruel president is also known as the 'Mad Man of Africa'.