This is the major reason behind coronary lung waste, also related to 'Long Covid'


Coronavirus infection is increasing once again in the country and the world. New cases of corona infection have also increased in India, but the number of patients recovering has also increased rapidly. People are having more trouble only in severe cases of corona infection. Especially those who have severe virus infection in their lungs. In severe infection of the coronavirus, the human lungs can be severely damaged and can even stop working. Scientists have found out the major reason behind lung waste. Researchers at King's College, London, UK have discovered this in their study.

Scientists at the UK-based King's College London analyzed samples of organs of people who had lost their lives with Kovid-19 and found that in most cases the lungs became useless due to the presence of abnormal interconnected cells. This is a fact that can throw more light on the severity of the disease.

Researchers at the UK-based King's College London analyzed the lungs, heart, liver, and kidney (kidney) of 41 people who lost their lives to Kovid-19 to find out more about the behavior of the new coronavirus Sars-Cov-2 Can be done. In this analysis, the lungs were found to be significantly damaged in most cases.

According to scientists, about 90 percent of the patients had additional symptoms which were quite different from other forms of pneumonia. He said that there was a problem of blood clotting in the arteries and veins of these people i.e. blood clots were very high. Also, many lung cells were abnormally large and contained many nuclei. This led to the different cells joining together into single large cells.

This research report has been published in the journal eBoyomedicine. The specific behavior of the virus has been revealed in this research study. With the help of this study, one can explain why the symptoms of the disease, including fatigue and breathlessness, persist for months in many patients, known as 'Long Kovid'.