This helmet is stirring in the market, will protect in case of an accident, the price is just in......


Under the amended Vehicle Act, a new traffic rule has been implemented in the entire country. Which has been applied to all vehicles? Apart from this, the government has enacted strict laws to protect the two-wheeler. At present, the number of two-wheeler accidents has increased. To avoid this, people have been advised to use helmets. For which local helmets are being sold on the roadside.

But these helmets do not fully protect people. Therefore, the government is advising people to use ISI marked helmets to use safe two-wheelers. There are many such ISI certified helmet makers in the market, in which today you are going to give information about such helmets. Who has created panic in the market?

ISI Mark Helmets protect at the time of the accident. Cheap and powerful helmets of Steelbird and Sandhar Amkin company are available in the market. In which you are going to tell about the Mavox brand FX Max helmet of Sandhar Amkin Industries. Its full name is Mavox FX22.D2P Max, whose design and looks are quite attractive. This helmet can be seen well in day and night.

This helmet also protects from scratches caused by dust and dirt. Apart from this, it is an integrated helmet that can be opened and closed by a switch. This helmet comes with the visor, mouth guard and chin guard. In which ABS plastic has been used. Apart from this, Thermocol EPS liner has also been given in it. While its density is cubic meter at 40kg.

The fitting of this helmet is also amazing. Which does not move on looking here and there. This helmet weighs 1,150 grams. If you use a two-wheeler on the roads every day, then this helmet can prove to be a better option for you. The price of this helmet has been kept at only Rs 2,295. Which can be purchased from any local market.