This cat got a job in the hospital in the atmosphere of human's job


In this period of Corona transition, there has been a deep damage to the economy which has taken away millions of jobs. Unemployment rates are increasing. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you about a cat who has got a job in a hospital. This news is from Australia. Here at Epworth Hospital in Richmond, a stray cat is hired.

Let me tell you that this cat's name is Elwood. The cat has received a security guard job from Epworth Hospital. This is a stray cat. She has been roaming near the main gate of this hospital for the last 1 year. Given this, the hospital administration put a badge around his neck. On which a picture of Elwood is printed. On this, his name is written and the security is written below. '

Chantel Trollip is a Pathologist in this hospital. He told in his interview to Bored Panda that for the past 1 year this cat has been securing the man gate of his hospital. One day he saw a badge hanging in the cat's neck. They then find out that the hospital's security team has hired this cat. He has further told that this cat welcomes people coming to the hospital from one side very cute. Seeing this at the gate, the face automatically smiles on the people. This cat has won every one.