Third Wave of Corona: The third wave of Corona has knocked on July 4, claims top scientist


Has the third wave of Corona hit the country? Hyderabad's top scientist has answered 'yes' to this. He has claimed that it is estimated that the third wave has arrived on July 4. Renowned physicist Dr. Vipin Srivastava has been analyzing infection data and death rates for the last 15 months.

Srivastava, who was the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Hyderabad University, said that since July 4, new cases and deaths of corona infection indicate that the third wave has arrived in the country. This trend is similar to the first week of February 2021. Then the second wave of Corona had knocked in the country. It reached its peak in April.

Srivastava has warned that if people do not follow the corona protocol, then the third wave can gain momentum. To keep the third wave under control, people will have to follow protocols like social distancing, sanitization, wearing masks, and vaccinations.