These wrong habits cause hair loss! Click here to know


Everyone loves their hair which people are seen doing many things to make it strong and beautiful. Girls are also very worried due to their thin hair. But you have some such habits which are responsible for hair breakage. Today in this episode, we are going to inform you of the same wrong habits which are in dire need of improvement.

If you make a tight bun or braid, then hair follicles are under pressure. This causes hair to fall and gradually your hair will become thin.

Every day the shampoo starts getting dry and slowly it starts the problem of hair thinning. So avoid shampooing hair daily. Apart from this, you should use mild shampoo and conditioner, then there will be no problem with hair thinning.

The result of wrong hair styling products can be seen as hair thinning. If you use styling products daily, then they will have the opposite effect on the hair. If you apply wax gels on your hair daily, then it will freeze on the hair and there may be a problem with dry scalp. Frozen products on hair will cause hair loss, so do not use more products on your hair.

It should not be broken when it shows feather hair. The more you grow white hair, the more hair will become thinner. Whenever you break a single hair, there is a lot of damage to the rest of the hair.