These tips will help in choosing the perfect foundation for the skin


Buying a foundation is no less than a challenge for those who do not have any special idea of ​​makeup. In such a situation, they also spend a lot of money and the right foundation is also not available. That's why it becomes very important to have some basic information about makeup products so that you can bring the right thing home. Nowadays every cosmetic store has the facility to test every beauty product from lipstick to blush which is a very good thing.

Do sample test

Be it concealer or blush or foundation, nowadays there is a patch-test facility for all of them, so definitely do it. So that you can know which one is best for the skin. As we mentioned that this is a very important part of makeup, so it must be branded and perfect.

Take care of skin type

Buy foundation only keeping in mind the skin type. There is a different type of foundation for oily skin, different for dry skin, and also for normal. Also don't ignore your complexion, pigmentation, sensitivity, and acne. Those with sensitive skin should especially take care of this.

Identify coverage

For a natural look, choosing a light foundation and tinted cream is the best option. If more coverage is needed, a foundation with medium coverage will be good. If you want to apply to a party, wedding, or any day event, then it completely depends on you how you want the look.

Identify the undertone

Learn to check undertones. For this, if the color of the exposed parts such as the shoulder is red or pink, then your undertone is pink. If this area looks like a golden or peachy color, you have a warm undertone, and if no color is visible, it is a natural undertone. Undertone and facial tones are different.