These three variants of Corona are active in the world, who is so dangerous? Know what WHO says


Every day a large number of people are getting infected with the coronavirus in India. Although many people are returning home by defeating this virus, this virus is also killing many innocent people. This virus itself is changing very fast, due to which this problem is being created. At the same time, there are three such variants of this virus, which are said to be quite dangerous. So let's tell you about them in detail.

What is the variant

When a virus starts to develop in a person's body, that is, this virus starts increasing its number of cells in the person's body and this process is called replication or replication. At the same time, after this, the virus starts spreading from one person to another also, due to which it develops. In this process, it starts changing its form, which is called mutation of the virus.

These are three variants

Since the coronavirus came into existence it has had hundreds of thousands of mutations (variants) and some of them have become variants. However, not all of its variants are being discussed, only a few are spreading rapidly. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), today there are hundreds of variants of Corona worldwide, but out of them, we should take only three seriously.

The three variants WHO has described are the South Africa, Brazil, and UK variants. According to the WHO, the South African variant differs in many respects from the new variant found in Britain and Brazil. It is known as 20H / 501YV2 or B.1351. It is more contagious than the original virus.

A mutation of the South African variant, also known as A501Y, has made the new variant of the virus more contagious. At the same time, according to the WHO, these variants may also reduce the effects of antibodies. Significantly, the WHO has described these three variants as quite dangerous at their respective levels. In such a situation, everyone needs to protect themselves from this virus.

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