These things related to astrology should be kept in mind while sleeping, otherwise, you will have to repent


All of us need to get enough sleep. But while sleeping, we make many such mistakes which we should not do according to astrology. Today we are going to tell you about those same mistakes.

1. There should be no lamp, fan or electronic equipment, etc. in between the beds.

2. The watch should never be placed behind these beds under the head. The watch should also not be placed in front of the bed. This always worries the person. The clock should be placed on the left or right side of the bed.

3. Simple beds and pillows etc. should be put on the beds which sleep. Avoid over-designed or colorful pillows and sheets.

4. Photos of temples or ancestors should not be placed in the bedroom. Apart from this, pictures of war or scary animals, etc. should not be installed. It is considered auspicious to place a plain and beautiful painting or painting.

5. It is considered inauspicious to not sleep in front of the bedroom door.

6. Always sleep with head in south direction and feet in the north direction, this leads to deep sleep.