These things are the secret of the beauty of Korean women, you too can get glowing skin by adopting


Women from countries like Korea and Japan are known for their beautiful, clean, and glowing skin. Many women aspire to be the same kind of glowing skin mistresses. Korean women follow their beauty routines very strictly. However, this routine is quite simple and if you want, you can get clean and glowing skin by adopting this routine daily. So let's know what is the special beauty routine of Korean women that she always follows.

Korean women steam a mixture of lemon and water to clean the skin and close open pores. It also helps in getting rid of acne and pimples. Also, the skin tone is also clear. To take this kind of steam, just heat the water in a big pot and put a few drops of lemon juice in it. Now take the face over this hot water and cover the head with towels. Keep in mind that the face should not burn with steam. After taking it for some time, wipe the face well.

Soaking the towel in warm water and squeezing it and cleaning the face helps remove dead skin. Due to which the tone of the face returns.

Ten minutes of daily exercise helps to remove skin loosening. It does not cause wrinkles.

Korean women rub the moisturizer in their hands before applying it directly to the face. By doing this, the hands get a little heat in the moisturizer and the skin absorbs easily.

Filling milk in a tray of ice, depositing it in the freezer, and rubbing it on the face makes the skin appear fresh, clear, and glowing.