These strange people prefer not to have biscuits with tea but this animal! 


When we drink tea, we take different snacks like biscuits, poha, pakoras etc. with him. But have you ever seen anyone eating insects in snacks? Today we are going to tell you about some countries where strange strange insects are eaten with tea.

* Spider

In Cambodia, a roasted spider is the favorite dish of the people there. People love to eat it and enjoy it.

* Scorpion

The scorpion is considered a very poisonous insect, but some people still eat it with great fervor. China and Thailand are countries where it is fried and eaten.

* Silkworm

Although silkworm is made from the silkworm, people in South Korea also use it for food.

* Beetles

Sea worms are very easy to find in markets in Thailand. People eat them there. In some places, bread is also made from beetles.


It is considered a very good source of iron. People in South Africa like to eat it very much.