These secrets related to eunuchs are very shocking! you will be shocked to know


The transgender society has its own rules and regulations, of which many people are not aware. They have their own separate society and their rules are also very mysterious. Today we are going to tell you about them.

Eunuchs are not happy with their birth. They always ask for this prayer that in the next life they should not be born as eunuchs.

Even eunuchs get married but their marriage is completely different. Actually, Kinnar is married to their god whose name is Irawan. After marrying them, the kinnar also mourns by becoming their widow the next day.

People say that men have some power, but a eunuch has as much power as a man. It is also said about eunuchs that they never go to anyone's place in mourning, they are involved only in happiness.

The last rites of eunuchs are done by hiding them from the common people. The last rites of eunuchs are performed at night so that no one can see them. If anyone sees, he is born back as a eunuch.

Before the funeral of Kinnar, his body is beaten with shoes and slippers. By doing this they believe that he has been punished for all sins. Apart from this, eunuchs also beat him so that he should not be born as a eunuch in the next life.