These Rare Fruits are available in India, have you tasted them?


There are many types of fruits found in India, but some people do not know about them. Today we will tell you about such fruits.

Since childhood, we have been hearing that seasonal fruits mean a lot to us. Including seasonal fruits in our diet is considered very good because they give us a lot of protein and minerals. But do you know that there are some fruits in India which most people do not know about? Many people may have seen them, but still, they will not know about them.

Today we are going to tell you about the list of such fruits which are found in India and are also grown here. You might like seeing these fruits.

Star Fruit

This fruit is also called Kamarkha in Hindi. It is oval and its upper part is of wax-like texture.

- The pulp of this fruit is very crunchy and juicy and it is much less sweet.

- Although it can become completely sweet after cooking, it often gets a sour-sweet test.

- It is found in abundance from West Bengal to South India.

In many parts of India and Australia, it is cooked as a vegetable, and pickles, jams, etc. are also made from it.


You may have heard of this fruit. The fruit named Grewia asiatica is found in many parts of India.

- Its test is somewhat like wine and it grows in many parts of Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab.

- It is somewhat acidic in the test.

- This fruit cools the body and initially it turns green and later it turns purple.

- It is considered very suitable for sorbet, pickle, etc.

- In North India, it is eaten to relieve the heat. It can also be eaten raw.

- This fruit has many therapeutic properties and can be found by applying it directly to the injury.


This fruit is also known as the longest, longline, long cons, etc. It is found in India, Srilanka, Myanmar, Cambodia, Hawaii, etc.

- This fruit is a light yellow, which has small thorns in its peel.

- It has a sour-sweet test and is quite juicy like lychee.

- It is also used to make syrup etc.

- Desi treatment to then diarrhea etc. bark Lotka tree is used to fix.

Mangosteen (Mungstein)

These fruits may seem foreign, but they are Indian and have many benefits.

- This fruit is found in South India and is found in most of the Nilgiri Hills, Kerala, etc.

- It is a tropical fruit whose size is like a small orange.

- Its skin is purple and its pulp is white.

- It is called mangosteen because it tastes like a lot of mangoes.

- This fruit is the national fruit of Thailand, but it has been grown in South India since the 18th century.

Targola or Pool

This fruit is a type of palm fruit that grows in bunches. The texture of this fruit is like coconut and it looks brown from the outside.

If this fruit is peeled, it contains three or four jelly-like seeds that have soft yellow skin.

- Its texture is a mixed texture of coconut and litchi.

- It is used in many places to make local liquor toddy.

- It is mostly used in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Goa, and Kerala.

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