These people are most at risk of corona infection, are you also in the realm?


Noble coronavirus is primarily considered a respiratory disease, but recent studies suggest that people with all other types of health-related diseases may be at risk of infection. In a recent study, researchers have come to know of several new risk factors associated with an increased risk of Kovid-19 infection. This allows scientists to determine which person is more susceptible to this deadly virus.

By now you may have heard of a higher risk of Kovid-19 infection in people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, respiratory diseases. Based on the new study, scientists have found that people who have a high body mass index are also very much at risk of infection. Let us know what else the researchers came to know during the study which can also be very important for you to know.

What did the study reveal?

According to a study published in the journal Ploss One, scientists have found a higher risk of covid infection in people with type-2 diabetes and high body mass index (BMI). The report has been prepared on the basis of a study conducted by researchers from the University of Maryland School of Medicine on the data of 500,000 British people over the age of 40 years.

After examining the health conditions of people infected with the virus, the researchers compared it to non-infected people. They found that most of those who had a Kovid-19 test positive already had serious illnesses such as obesity or type-2 diabetes. In contrast, individuals who had negative Covid test negatively had good blood cholesterol levels as well as normal-weight.'

According to Charles Hong, professor, and director of cardiology research at the University of Medicine School of Medicine, some basic cardiometabolic factors can protect a person from a Kovid-19 infection while other individuals are more vulnerable to infection.

What to do?

According to Professor Hong, it is very important for people to control weight at this time. Paying special attention to regular exercise and eating should also focus on increasing the amount of good cholesterol and reducing the amount of bad cholesterol. Apart from this, it is very important for patients with diabetes to keep blood sugar under control.