These miraculous measures of peacock feathers, along with Vastu dosha, provide salvation from the shadow of Rahu.


The peacock and its feathers are very beautiful to see, they have considered very important in Hinduism also because Lord Krishna is wearing peacock feathers on his forehead. Without peacock feathers, Krishna's makeup is considered incomplete. Mayya Yashoda also used to put peacock feathers on her forehead to make up for Lord Krishna. Other deities are also loved in some form or the other. Kumar Karthikeya's vehicle is also a peacock. In astrology too, the peacock has been considered very important. By taking some measures related to it, you can get rid of Vastu Dosha, Rahu Dosha, and even evil eyes. Know the wonders of peacock feathers

The planet Morpankh liberates from dosha. If you are suffering from Graha Dosha in any way, then after spraying the planet mantra 21 times with Morpunkh, sprinkle water on it. Now place the feather of the peacock in someplace from where it can be seen. In the same way, if Rahu is bothering you, then put Morpankh on the wall of the east direction of the house or on the wall in the northwest direction.

If there is a Vastu Dosh in your house, keep peacock feathers. According to Vastu, keeping the peacock in the house gives relief from the effects of Vastu Dosh. With which you will get relief from the troubles caused by Vastu Dosh.

If you are troubled by enemies, then take the vermilion of Hanuman Ji's forehead and write the name of the enemy on a peacock and put it at the place of worship. Wake up in the morning and drain the Morpunkh in the running water. This remedy is to be done on Tuesday or Saturday night. This will give you freedom from enemy obstacles.

The peacock and flute used to live mainly with Lord Krishna. When Krishna Ji used to play the flute, love was communicated in the surrounding environment. Therefore, keeping the peacock and flute in the house increases the feeling of love. Keeping peacock feathers in the house also removes negative energy, which leads to positivity in the house.

By keeping a peacock in the bedroom, the relationship between the husband and wife is good, the love between the two increases. Therefore, if there are problems or tension in one's marital life, then they should put peacock feathers on their rooms.