These lines on the palm give indications of promotion in the job!


According to palmistry, there are many types of lines and shapes on the palm. By studying these, one gets to know about fate, health, marriage, children, and happiness. According to oceanography, there are some special lines on the palm which are made on the palms of very lucky people. So let's know what is the significance of such a line.

Surya Parbat holds a special place on the palm. In such a situation, if the sun rises in someone's palm, then if people do work related to government jobs and government sector, then there is a great success.

According to palmistry, Guru Parvat is considered very auspicious on the palm. Guru Parvat is made in the lower part of index finger ie index finger. If there are one or more lines on Guru Parvat, a person attains a high position.