These home remedies can cure chronic ringworm, and itching problem!


Ringworm and itching are skin problems. There are small red pimples on the skin. Itching occurs on them and our itching becomes red and irritation also starts.

Most of the itching occurs on the cheeks, hands, feet, waist, face or even around the private parts of the body. People take a variety of remedies to get rid of them, but they do not benefit from them. Today we have brought such home remedies for you, which can relieve you from itching and scabies.

1. Aloe vera This is a very effective home remedy for itching. Applying a mixture of aloe vera leaves can relieve the itching problem.

2. Boil neem leaves in water and bathe with this water. This kills bacteria and gets rid of itching.

3. In Triphala churan, mix indigenous ghee, some alum, mustard oil and water and prepare an ointment. This indigenous medicine panacea works in the treatment of ripening ringworm.

4. Applying Tulsi juice mixed with oil of Talli, itching disappears within a few days.