These home remedies are a panacea for stomach gas and severe pain problem


Stomach gas due to untimely and irregular eating is a common problem nowadays. You will also have this problem. Sometimes, due to gas, pain starts in the chest or other parts of the body. Vomiting starts when the gas goes up in the head. Due to the formation of gas, flatulence starts and many digestive problems arise. If you get too much gas, do not take it lightly because doing so can prove to be dangerous for health. If the gas starts suddenly, then it is not possible to go to the doctor immediately. In such a situation, home remedies prove to be a panacea remedy.

People struggling with gas problems are advised to drink one teaspoon of baking soda mixed with lemon juice on an empty stomach daily. By drinking this, you get immediate relief from the problem of gas. This makes Ino work in away.

Asafoetida enhances the taste of food, it is also beneficial in gas problems. You drink asafetida in a glass of hot water. This eliminates the gas problem. Drink asafetida water about two to three times a day.

The practice of drinking buttermilk after meals are prevalent in many households. Especially in the summer season people often drink buttermilk. Mixing black salt and celery in it and drinking it provides instant relief from the gas problems.

The black pepper present in the kitchen also removes the gas problem. Consuming black pepper not only gives relief in gas problems, but it also keeps digestion right. If there is gas in the stomach, you can drink pepper powder mixed with milk.

Cinnamon must also be in your kitchen. Consuming this too is effective in removing the gas problem. Boil cinnamon in water in case of a gas problem and then drink it after cooling it. Consuming cinnamon water on an empty stomach daily in the morning will provide relief. If you do not like the taste, you can also add honey to it.

Garlic is considered very beneficial for health. Eating garlic is also very beneficial in gas problems. If there is gas in the stomach, then boil the garlic with cumin, standing coriander. Drink it twice daily. The problem of gas will be solved.

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