These diseases will be overcome by eating powder of the berries, there will be countless benefits


You will all know about the properties and benefits of berries. But do you know the benefits of its leaves? If not, let us know? and

All of you must have eaten the fruit of the berries. It has many hidden medicinal properties that are effective in treating many diseases. But do you know that like berries, many natural qualities are hidden in its leaves too? They are very beneficial for diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer.

Not only this, the grandmother and grandmother also used to consume berries. Please tell that there are many such trees and plants in India, which are full of medicinal properties. The berries are one of them. Like neem, its leaves can also be consumed to cure many diseases.


Diabetes problems start happening to people with age. But these days due to poor lifestyle, people are suffering from this disease at a very young age. In such a situation, the best way to keep diabetes under control is the berries. For this, small and fresh leaves of berries can be eaten on an empty stomach every morning. You will benefit greatly from this.

Digestive System

The digestive system is not right and if you have problems like acidity or constipation then you can consume berries. For this, make a paste of the berries. If you wish, dry the leaves and make powder and use it regularly. It is very beneficial for the stomach and will relieve problems like indigestion and weak digestion.

Relief from dysentery

If you have any problem like diarrhoea or piles then you can consume berries. It is a natural medicine to correct this type of problem. If you have this problem, again and again, you can consume the berries of berries or you can chew it every morning. You will benefit greatly from this.


Consuming berries leaves can also prove beneficial in fever. For this, whenever you have a fever, make a decoction of berries and drink it. If you want, you can also add Giloye to it. By doing this you will get relief from fever and will feel better than before.

Mouth ulcers

Often, the blisters come out in the mouth due to lack of clean stomach. This causes a lot of trouble not only in food but also in speaking. In this case, to get rid of it, berries can be consumed because it has anti-biotic properties, which help cure ulcers.

Blood pressure

To control blood pressure, you can consume berries. It is very helpful for circulating blood in the body properly. Taking raw leaves daily in the morning keeps the blood vessels healthy. Apart from this, it makes the heart-healthy.