These dinosaurs reduced their size to eat ants - Chinese research


Dinosaurs have always been a matter of curiosity for people. A lot of research has been done on these which is still going on. On hearing the name of the dinosaur, a picture of a giant animal is formed in people's minds, but do you know that these cold-blooded creatures were also small in size. Recently, researchers from China have studied the fossils, after which they have got very interesting information about very small size dinosaurs. According to the researchers, dinosaurs of the Alvarezsaur species had changed their diet and these dinosaurs started eating ants. Due to which later their size started decreasing rapidly.

Where and who did this study

The study was led by Zichuan Qin, a Ph.D. student at the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing and the University of Bristol. In which it was found that Alvarezsaur dinosaurs started eating ants by changing their diet about 100 million years ago and after adopting this diet started reducing their size very rapidly. These dinosaurs used to be small to the size of a chicken.

First, it is the size of these dinosaurs

Based on older specimens, the study found that the size of these dinosaurs was comparable to the size of a giant turkey or a small ostrich. They weighed at least 10 to 70 kg. Most of the alvarezsaur dinosaurs of that time were slim, two-legged, and took their supplements in the form of lizards, early mammals, and infant dinosaurs.

Change in size due to change in dosage

According to the study, by the time of the emergence of Alvarezsaur, the size of the specimens was reduced to the size of a chicken. According to Zichin, such a change in their size occurred because they started eating ants. Professor Michael Benton of the University of Bristol, one of Jichuan's observers, says this major change in dosage may have been due to increased food competition.

A study done on about a dozen samples

Jichun studied a dozen specimens of the Alvarezsaur species dinosaur and how their size changed over millions of years. In this way, their size changed from generation to generation. Alvarezsaur dinosaurs lived from the Late Jurassic to the late Cretaceous period. This means that they were found in China, Mongolia, and South America from 160 million years to 70 million years ago.