These are the 7 most infamous criminal women in the world, who have earned the name of their awe


This is going to be the first time in India when a female criminal will be hanged. Amroha's Shabnam is to be hanged in Mathura jail on charges of killing seven family members. Along with this, Pune's Renuka and Seema, who have killed 42 children, are also awaiting execution. It is generally believed that there is little or no participation of women in crime, but notorious women with many heinous crimes have been found all over the world, who have a lot of fear among the people. Today we will tell you about some such women through this article.

Charlotte Cordy

At the time of the French Revolution, Charlet Cordy was a very notorious female criminal. At the age of 25, Charlotte became a killer. Cordy's French Republic of the noble family remained with the Greens leaders and openly opposed the French Revolution leader Jean-Paul Marrett. Not only this, on 13 July 1793, Jean-Paul Marrett was killed by a knife with a knife by Corlett Cordy. She was arrested four days after the incident.

Bonnie parker

Bonnie Parker was heavily named in the 1930s. She committed many crimes together with Clyde Barrow. Together, they carried out so many theft and robbery incidents in Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Missouri in the United States, which upset the American FBI. Bonnie Parker supported Clyde in every incident. He killed three police officers and also led a police chief during the release of five prisoners from Eastham State Jail in Texas. The Louisiana police killed Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow because of a friend's whistleblowing.

Anne bonnie

Anne Bonnie was an Irish pirate who accompanied the famous pirate John Rackham in the Caribbean Sea in the 18th century. At that time, the arrival of a woman on a ship was considered inauspicious. Bonnie and her fleet looted a lot of merchants, so she managed to create different awe of her own. After being caught in 1720, she was not hanged because she was from the womb. After leaving prison, she moved to Carolina and spent a domestic life.

Belle star

Belle Starr lived the life of a dacoit in Texas, USA. In the Oklahoma Indian Territory, the ballet created her awe by robbing a lot of passengers and cowboys with her husband Sam Starr. In 1883, both husband and wife were sentenced for stealing horses and robbery but were murdered by an unknown murderer.

Marie surat

This woman became very famous during the American Civil War in Maryland. After her husband died, Mary Surat opened a boarding house in Washington DC, which became the site of conspiracy. Surat himself became involved in the plot to assassinate US President Abraham Lincoln. Mary Surat became the first woman to be hanged in America and was hanged on 7 July 1865.

Kate Maa Barke

This woman together with her sons formed an enemy gang in America. This gang committed many robberies, murders, and kidnappings such as in the mid-1930s in the US. In 1935, the woman's entire family was killed in the longest shootout in FBI history.

Mary frith

Mary Frith was a very infamous female criminal in London in the 17th century. This woman started her criminal life by pocket theft. After this, she became a highway robbery and dressed like men. Not only this, this woman had opened a shop in London to hide her crime, in which she used to sell her own stolen goods.