These are the 5 most dangerous trees in the world, whose poison can kill you in an instant


There are many types of plants on earth. Plants have an important place in the boons of nature. Plants play an important role in the human life cycle. Because trees and plants not only meet food requirements, but they are also necessary for maintaining balance in the world. But do you know that there are some dangerous and poisonous trees in the world, which can kill anyone?

Gympie Stinger

The Gympie Stinger tree found in Australia, due to its thorns, looks quite beautiful. But these thorns are quite dangerous. These thorns contain poison, which, if it goes inside a human's body, can also result in death.


This tree is known as 'Poshmwood'. Its most dangerous thing is that the fruits planted on it explode like a bomb after ripening, after which its seeds are spread in the air at a speed of 257 kilometers per hour. If a human gets caught in it, then he can be seriously injured. These trees are found in the Amazon rainforest, including North and South America.


This tree named 'Menchlin', found around Florida, the Caribbean Sea, is recorded in the Guinness World Records as the world's most poisonous tree. Warning boards have also been placed on this tree, in which people have been advised to stay away from this tree. Actually, the fruit of this tree is very poisonous, which if someone eats it accidentally, it can make them sleep in death.

Taxa baccata

The name of this tree is 'Taxus baccata', which is found in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Every part of this tree, except the seeds, contains a poison called 'taxin'. If this poison is given to a person, then it can die in a moment.

Cerbera Odolam

Cerbera Odolum is also known as 'Suicide Tree'. A poisonous fruit grows mainly on this tree found in many countries of Asia, including India, which can be killed if one eats it.